There was no beginning…

September 20, 2012

It took a combination of events, people and actions that got me to this point. I like tattoos. I like writing. I like living in Africa. So I combined the three to push ahead the act of modelling (or trying to) with the ulterior motive of creating a version of myself that would create an extra income to sustain my habit of getting extensively tattooed.

I love entertaining myself with the thought that there are other Africans like me that have their own way about themselves or are part of a ‘tattoo culture’ or non-trend that could possibly identify with me. Its a comforting desire after trying through my pre- and post pubescent life trying to fit in and be accepted. But enduring dramatic personality crisis every time and wishing to not exist.

I am driven to share my encounters and experiences as I submit myself on a journey into the “Alternative” modelling scene, tattoo artists, photographers, internet stuff, self marketing & promotion, being non-white & tattooed (its strange but it’s a factor), funny encounters and my opinion. The latter is not necessary but I’ll do it anyway because it’s my blog.

Feel free to share your opinions with me as I appreciate a good heated debate. But only if you ‘like’ my Facebook page:

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